Evaluation of water temperature in the Bocegaj brook and in the Kolíňany pond in terms of fish life


  • Jana Ivanič-Porhajášová Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovak Republic


water, temperature, fishes, brook, pond


During 2014, water temperature of the Bocegaj brook and the Kolíňany pond and its impact on fish life were monitored. Water sampling was carried out at regular monthly intervals, in the period from January to October, from six sampling points. The four sampling points were located directly on the water surface of the pond, the last place being the outlet from the pond. In this time horizon, all four seasons alternated, which was also reflected in the change of the water temperatures. Depending on the time of sample collection, the lowest average values for the entire monitored period were recorded in the winter (January, February) and the highest in the summer months (June, July, August). The maximum values of water temperature depending on the sampling point during the monitored period were found in the open water area of the pond.






Animal Science