Influence of claw disorders on production and reproduction performance in observed herds of dairy cows

Michal Vlček, Marián Ofúkaný, Tomáš Kanka, Ondrej Kadlečík, Radovan Kasarda


Received: 2016-02-01   |   Accepted: 2016-03-29   |   Available online: 2016-05-31

The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of claw disorders on claw formation,  production and reproduction performance of Holstein and Slovak Simmental dairy cows. Claw formation after functional trimming was evaluated by measurement of claw angle, claw length, heel index, claw height, diagonal and claw width. Incidence of interdigital dermatitis and heel erosion, digital dermatitis were observed. Separately was observed the incidence of sole ulcers with the progress of diseases. Measurements were carried out in spring and in autumn. Holstein dairy cows (n=101) with production 11874.77 kg of milk, 3.94 % of fat and 3.34 % of protein and Slovak Simmental cows (n=101) with production 5834.25 kg of milk, 4.44 % of fat and 3.59 % of protein were included into study. Holstein and Slovak Simmental dairy cows affected with claw diseases produced on first lactations 553.67 resp. 838.71 kg of milk more than average production of observed groups. On the second and higher lactations dairy cows of Holstein and Slovak Simmental breed affected with claw diseases produced 734.3 resp. 1118.3 kg of milk less than healthy dairy cows. Statistically significant differences in claws formation were observed in both breeds according to the claw trimming season.

Keywords: Holstein breed, Slovak Spotted breed, claws, interdigital dermatitis and heel erosion


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