Fluorescent in situ hybridization ( FISH) on the veterinary diagnostic field

Ján Dianovský, Beáta Holečková, Monika Drážovská, Katarína Šivíková, Viera Schwarzbacherová


Proceeding deals with  of genomic changes  detectable by FISH . The DSD syndrom in Yorkshire terrier  78,XY t (Y-;6p+) was observed by the use  of X and Y FISH WCP probes. Following results indicated numerous genomic changes in cancers. Using comparative genomic hybridization numerous chromosomal rearrangements were detected, which indicated the heterogeneity in tumour growth. In Bernese Mountain Dog bitch,8  loses on  chromosomes and gains on 18 different of chromosomes were detected. The last study was focused on   chromosomal position and nucleotide sequencing of the LCA5L exons. Those  were analysed in cattle of BTA1q44,  sheep  OAR1q43  and of  CHI1q44 in the goats.

Keywords: fluorescent in situ hybridization, FISH, veterinary diagnostics


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