Preliminary analysis of utilization of genomic relationship in mating plan of Old Kladruber horse

Jiří Bauer, Josef Přibyl, Luboš Vostrý


The study analyzed 48 Old Kladruber horses genotyped by Illumina Equine SNP70 BeadChip for usefulness of genomic data in determining of mating plan. Totally 12 variants of data filtering and their impact on calculations in dependence of different parameters of GenCall Score, Minor Allele Frequency and assumed average values of loci of ancestors (l) was investigated. For possibility of comparison between genomic and commonly evaluated relationships, pedigree based relationship matrix was constructed and subsequently subtraction of pedigree from genomic matrix was performed. All matrices were thoroughly inspected and most suitable setting of parameters was chosen. Evaluation of genomic relationships can be successfully implemented in more precise method of mating plan design of Old Kladruber horses. Further genotyping and development of method for rescaling of differences between genomic and pedigree relationship matrices´ elements is advised for a purpose of better interpretation of results by breeders.

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