Application of system of health monitoring of dairy cattle in the Czech Republic

Jiří Bauer, Ludmila Zavadilová, Soňa Šlosárková


The aim of work was to analyze the situation in health data recording and propose a national health data sharing and evaluation system compatible with international ICAR categorization. For analysis of situation in health data recording, a survey regarding use of commercial programs of herd management was conducted, identifying specific programs and determining parts of programs which are actively used by breeders for practical purposes. Totally 21 programs were identified as used by farmers, however four most frequently utilized programs are providing recording in 67.1% of all companies. Most frequent types of data recorded in software were: milk production (92%), fertility and reproduction (91%), herd management in a narrow sense (77%), course of milking (73%), animal health situation (61%) and veterinary procedures and drugs recording (59%). A general plan for health data recording connected to other parts of information system of dairy cattle was designed.

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