Association of DGAT1 and Leptin with fertility traits in Holstein cows

Kateřina Ječminková, Veronika Kadlecová, Ludek Stádnik


The objective of this study was to investigate relationship between the K232A mutation in the DGAT1 gene and the C963T mutation in the Leptin gene with reproduction traits. The study was conducted on 286 pure breed Holstein cows. In DGAT1 we found a favorable effect of AA genotype on age at the first calving (p˂0.15) and on conception rate after first service in heifers (p˂0.15). In the Leptin a positive effect of CC genotype on interval from calving to 1. service was observed (p˂0.05). A tendency for positive effect of CC genotype on age at the first service (p˂0.16) was observed as well. In another examined fertility traits we found no association with DGAT1 and Leptin genotypes. Present study brings a new information about studied SNP and such results may be used to assist genetic selection in dairy cattle.

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