Analysis of Breeding Work of Hucul Horses

Magda Socik, Stanisław Socha


The aim of the study is to analyze breeding work of Hucul horses. The paper presents the following issues: assessment of breeding value, selection methods, methods of mating systems, including Hucul reproduction. When estimating breeding value of Hucul stallions and mares we take into account the following elements: wholesomeness, development, height, regularity of movement, as well as the construction of the animal. We pay attention to the use value and breeding value of the assessed animal, as well as its ancestors and offspring. The most appropriate method for this breed is the method of independent culling levels. It involves the simultaneous and independent selection having regard to each feature individually. Hucul horses can be selected for reproduction only using breeding methods having regard to the purity of the breed. The most important goal of mating is to maintain the current population (representatives) of both female families of and male lines. The main goals of breeding Huculs is to maintain the unique genotype and the disposition of inheritance of racial features by offspring, as well as to maintain the specific breed type.

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