Statistical Analysis of Conformation Traits of New Zealand White Rabbits in a Breeding Farm

Dorota Kolodziejczyk, Patryk Majkowski, Aldona Gontarz, Aneta Steć, Leszek Gacek, Stanisław Socha


The aim of the study was the statistical analysis of conformation traits ofNew Zealandwhite rabbits from a breeding farm for a period of ten years. Analysis of variance showed a statistically highly significant effect of gender on body size and weight of the animal, as well as on fur quality, body built and racial type. The year of license had statistically highly significant impact on animal size, body weight, fur quality, the specific racial features, body built, racial type and the total number of points received by the rabbits. The interaction of gender and year of license had statistically high impact only on body weight, while there was no statistically significant effect for other analyzed traits. The study also estimated phenotypic correlations between the studied traits. The correlations were quite varied and ranged between - 0.772 (between racial type and the year of the license) to 0.6017 (between body built and the total sum of points). 

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