The possibilities of pesticide genotoxicity assessment in bovine lymphocytes cultures

Beata Holečková, Katar9na Šivíková, Ján Dianovský, Jana Staničová, Valéria Verebová, Martina Galdíková, Viera Schwarzbacherová, Monika Drážovská


The exposure of dairy cattle to genomic substances may result in mutations, metabolic disorders, immunosuppression and reduced fertility. Potential pesticide genotoxicity can be tested in cultured bovine lymphocyte by broad spectrum of methods including chromosomal aberrations (CA), staining bovine chromosomes with fluorescently labelled DNA probes, micronucleus test (MN test), SCE (Sister Chromatid Exchanges), Comet assay, real-time PCR for detection of changes in expression of some genes involved in xenobiotic metabolism, detection of DSB (double-stranded breaks) and biophysical methods of interaction of pesticide compounds with DNA.

Keywords: cattle, lymphocytes, pesticides, genotoxicity assessment methods


The study was supported by the Slovak Scientific Agency VEGA projects 1/0043/15 and 1/0176/16

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