Evaluation Of The Two Model Biocorridors In Soth-West Part Of Slovakia In Agricultural Landscape

Petra Debnáriková, Peter Štrba, Tibor Baranec


Received: 2016-05-12 | Accepted: 2016-06-13 | Available online: 2016-12-22

The aim of the research is to evaluate two different models of biocorridors in south-west part of Slovakia in intensively utilized
agricultural landscape. The first biocorridor is a part of fragmented alluvial softwood forest along the Žitava’s river in its unregulated
part in cadastral territory Horný Ohaj, district Vráble. This biocorridor should be the representative biocorridor by its structure
and plant composition in its area. The second biocorridor is biocorridor composed by Robinia pseudoacacia L. in the village Báb,
district Nitra. The research analyzes the structure of the selected biocorridors by using the methods of phytocoenology, evaluate
functional integrity by monitoring of their spatial parameters in terrain and by processing maps in the AutoCAD program. At the
base of phytocoenological report evaluates occurence of alien species.

Keywords: agricultural landscape, alien species, alluvial forest, biocorridor, invasive plants, phytocoenology


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