Changes of locomotion activity in the Holstein dairy cows during estrus

Mária Rušinová, Peter Strapák, Eva Strapáková


The objective of this study was the evaluation of the locomotion activity in heifers and Holstein dairy cows during estrus. We have analysed the locomotion activity using the Heatime RuminAct device on 99 dams (68 dairy cows and 31 heifers) and we evaluated a total of 213 estrus cycles during the reference period of 3 days before estrus, 3 days after estrus and on the day of the estrus occurrence. The data was analysed using the DataFlowTM II program. The locomotion of cows was expressed in the units of locomotion activity in 24 hours (u/24h). During the reference period, 3 days before estrus the cows showed locomotion activity 602.7 u/24h, with an increase in the locomotion activity on the day of estrus of 876 u/24h and during the reference period 3 days after estrus the level of locomotion activity decreased to 566 u/24h, what is the similar locomotion activity to the reference period before estrus.

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