Development of Animal Genetic Resources in the Slovak Republic

Ján Tomka, Marta Oravcová, Ján Huba


The first step in conservation of animal genetic resources is monitoring of populations. Research Institute for Animal Production Nitra is responsible for this task in the Slovak Republic. The status of populations is monitored on regular basis in cooperation with the Breeding Services of the Slovak Republic, s.e. and authorized breeders` organizations. The development of 15 breeds during 10-year period was studied in this work. Twelve breeds were classified as being endangered in 2015 from which 6 were classified as critically endangered. The class of endangerment of three breeds was upgraded and two breeds downgraded. Despite the support for in situ conservation the effective population size decreased in six breeds. Based on the results it is assumed that financial support is not the only factor for maintaining the live animals. Important factor is the passion and tradition of farmers in maintaining certain breed.

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