Effect of different temperatures on body weight gain in chinchillas

Jana Hanusová, Martina Miluchová


In fur animals especially important is the size of the skin, which is a determinant of its value. In studies carried out by different authors at finn racoons, foxes and mink shown that there is a positive correlation between the body weight and the size of the skin of animals. Some authors reported that thermoregulatory mechanisms are susceptible to modification by early postnatal experience. The aim of this study was to analyze the differences in body weight gain in dependence on temperature. Animals were divided into 2 groups in dependence on temperature. The 1st group was kept in temperature 17°C and 2nd group was kept in temperature 24°C. To calculate basis statistic characteristics, to determine significance of differences and to compare results t-test were performed at P<0.05 level. The packed SAS 9.3 of SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 was used. The highest body weight gain of chinchillas was found in group of animal, which were breed in conditions with highest temperature (24°C). In this group body weight was 0.4972 kg in average. The effect of different temperature on body weight gain was significant in male chinchillas.

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