Influence of genetic parameters to the performance indicators in the championship for young horses

Marko Halo, Eva Mlyneková, Branislav Gálik, Michaela Horná, Andrea Hrdá


Slovak Warmblood championship is a competition for young horses of given population, which is organized annually by the recognized breeder organization under the same test conditions. The aim of our study was to analyze genetic parameters and determine their potential impact on the performance indicators in championship for young horses of Slovak Warmblood population. Basic data consisted the results of 761 horses that have qualified for the finals. From the analysis of genetic parameters on performance indicators we found that all factors: breeder, breed, line, gender, age of horse and year of the competition influenced the final ranking respectively the logarithm of ranking. But on the level of significance only the factor breeder. The genetic assessment of monitored horses in tested competitions shows that factors breed and line high statistically influence Log U in particular competition. On the border of statistical support were fixed effects - degree of difficulty in the competition and year of competition. Based on our knowledge, we can conclude that in addition to the above factors on the ranking in competitions of sport form of testing has a major impact factor - rider.

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