Dragonflies (Odonata) of the Nature Reserve Torozlín and water area Štrkáreň gravel-pit in the southwestern part of the Slovak Republic

Mária Babošová, Jaroslav Noskovič, Jana Ivanič Porhajašová


Received: 2016-04-19 | Accepted: 2016-06-05 | Available online: 2017-09-30

Over the period of the years 2014 and 2015 in the locality of nature reserve Torozlín and water area Štrkáreň gravel-pit being located at the village Komjatice, lying in the southwestern part of the Podunajská pahorkatina upland was evaluated the species of dragonflies. 179 individuals of dragonflies were collected during the monitoring period, of which 13 species were determined as belonging to eight families. On the locality of the Torozlin Nature Reserve, the dominant species were Ischnura elegans (37.50%), Platycnemis pennipes (28.85 %), Sympetrum vulgatum (10.58 %), Sympetrum sanguineum (5.76 %) and Platycnemis pennipes (54.67 % Ischnura elegans (37.33 %) and Libellula depressa (5.34 %). Based on the fact that the Torozlin site has a marshy character, the species composition was more varied. Protection and vulnerability were assessed by the Red List of IUCN, the European Red List of dragonflies and the Red List of dragonflies of the Slovak Republic. Evaluation of protection was carried out under the Decree of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic No. 492/2006 Collection of Laws. For individual species found also their dominance was calculated.

Keywords: dragonflies, locality, nature reserve, dominance, Slovakia



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