The comparison of the selected morphometric traits in three medium-sized rabbit breeds

Vlastimil Šimek, Michaela Sedláková, Almira Softić, David Zapletal


Article Details: Received: 2019-09-03 | Accepted: 2019-10-14 | Available online: 2019-12-31

The aim of the study was to determine the growth characteristics of three rabbit breeds (Czech Solver, CSo, n = 11; Czech Spotted, CS, n = 28; Blanc de Hotot, BH, n = 24) under small-scaled stock conditions as a basis for their potential meat performance. The body morphometric characteristics live weight (LW), head length (HL), body length (BL), ear length, thoracic circumference (TC) and body compact index TC/BL were recorded in growing rabbits from 21st to 91st day of their age. At the end of the trial, the highest LW value was recorded in the BH breed (2,700.0 g) as compared to the CSo and CS breeds, respectively (1,887.5 and 1,545.4 g). The values of the HL were significantly affected by a rabbit breed up to the 63rd day of their age (P <0.01). The highest values of BL and TC were found in the BH breed as compared to the CSo breed and also the CS breed (P <0.01). The BH breed showed also the longest ears (P <0.01) while the different dynamics of the ear growth among the evaluated breeds was found. Concerning the body compact index TC/BL, the growing rabbits of the BH breed showed wider body given by their musculature proportion as compared to the representatives of the CSo and CS breeds (P <0.01). Our findings suggest that the Blanc de Hotot breed possesses suitable growth and morphometric characteristics for intended meat production.


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