Combining total and differential somatic cell count to screen for mastitis

Tania Bobbo, Ali Zidi, Martino Cassandro


Submitted 2020-06-30 | Accepted 2020-07-23 | Available 2020-12-01

Somatic cell count (SCC) has been extensively used as indicator of udder health and milk quality. Recent developments in milk-testing technology have led to cell differentiation in milk in a high throughput manner. Information on the proportion of the different cell types in milk would represent a valuable asset for a more precise definition of udder health status. The aim of the present study was to apply receiver-operating characteristic curve analysis to define the most accurate thresholds of milk differential somatic cell count (DSCC), which represents the percentage of neutrophils plus lymphocytes in the total SCC. The dataset accounted for 117,482 test-day records of 60,009 Holstein Friesian, Brown Swiss and Simmental cows. Different thresholds were defined so that DSCC trends were analysed throughout the lactation, considering also the classification factors of breed and parity. Finally, cows were classified as healthy, susceptible, mastitic or chronic on the basis of their health status, which was defined combining the information of SCC (below or above 200,000 cells/mL) and DSCC (below or above the specific cut-off). Our findings offered new insights for a practical use of DSCC to screen for mastitis, in order to help farmers make decisions to reduce the use of antimicrobials in the herd.

Keywords: differential somatic cell count; receiver-operating characteristic (ROC) curve; cut-off; mastitis; cattle


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