Verification of lean meat percentage estimation formulae for pig carcass classification in Croatia

Ivona Djurkin Kušec, Kristina Gvozdanovic, Josip Kundid, Miodrag Komlenić, Žarko Radišić, Goran Kušec


Submitted 2020-07-23 | Accepted 2020-08-16 | Available 2020-12-01

The study was performed on 136 pig carcasses representing the Croatian pig population with regards to the breed structure. The carcasses were dissected according to the EU reference method and lean meat percentage was estimated using the Hennessy Grading Probe (HGP7) device and the “Two points” (ZP) method. Comparison of lean meat percentage obtained by dissection and two prediction methods showed significant differences in estimating the lean meat percentage of pig carcasses (P <0.05). The distribution of carcasses according to SEUROP system showed a difference in the classification depending on the applied method, indicating a need for adjustment of current formulae for lean meat percentage estimation in Croatia.

Keywords: pig, carcass, lean meat percentage, dissection, EU reference method


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NN 71/2018 Pravilnik o razvrstavanju i označivanju goveđih, svinjskih i ovčjih trupova te označivanju mesa koje potječe od goveda starih manje od 12 mjeseci.

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