Analysis of cytogenetic differentiation in selected species of the family Camelidae: Vicugna pacos and Vicugna vicugna

Wojciech Kruszynski, Katarzyna Kwiatek, Bozena Marszalek-Kruk, Magdalena Moska, Magdalena Zatoń-Dobrowolska, Edward Pawlina, Blaźej Nowak


The aim of this study was to analysis of cytogenetic differentation in two species: Vicugna pacos and Vicugna vicugna. Cytogenetic analysis based on blood culture technique. Blood culture were set up in culture medium Limphogrow and Lymphochrome. The cells growth, after 71 hours, was kept in metaphase using colcemid. Metaphase chromosomes were treated with hypotonic solution (KCl) for 30 minutes and fixed in a mixture of methanol and glacial acetic acid (3:1). After that, chromosomes were stained with Giemsa. Chromosomes were analyzed under microscope using Optica Vision pro-3 and MultiScan programs. Both species have 2n=74 and showed close homology between autosomes and sex chromosomes. Analysed karyotypes consist of 19 pairs acrocentric, 9 pairs metacentric, 5 pairs subtelocentric and 3 pairs submetacentric autosomes. Sex chromosomes X was metacentric and Y was acrocentric. 

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