Evaluation of somatic cells in milk of ewes as possible physiological level

Kristína Tvarožková, Vladimír Tančin, Michal Uhrinčať, Lucia Mačuhová, Róbert Toman, Martina Tunegová


Received: 2018-05-07 | Accepted: 2018-05-14 | Available online: 2018-11-26

The physiological values of SCC in sheep's milk are still under discussion. The aim of study was to describe the frequency of distribution of ewes on the basis of their individual SCC. The ewes were divided into the five SCC groups (somatic cell count) on the basis of individual SCC (G1 = SCC <200×103 cells.ml-1, G2= SCC between 200-400×103 cells.ml-1, G3 = SCC between 400-600×103 cells.ml-1, G4= SCC between 600-1000×103 cells.ml-1 and G5 = SCC >1000×103 cells.ml-1). Totally 771 samples were collected from 90 ewes throughout both milking periods from one experimental herd with minimum four milking records per year in 2016 and 2017. On the basis of SCS throughout lactation the most ewes were in the first two SCC groups (below 400×103 cells.ml-1) in 2016 and 2017 (78.89% and 83.33%, respectively). 13 animals (8 SD-Slovak dairy sheep, 5 LC-Lacaune) and 12 animals (4 SD, 8 LC) were in SCC groups over >600×103 cells.ml-1 in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Our results significantly contribute to the possible consideration of physiological limits for sheep milk because of the highest percentage of ewes was with less than 400×103 cells.ml-1.


Keywords:  ewe, milk, somatic cell counts


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